Synametrics Mail Junction

Synametrics Mail Junction is an email response management tool providing a single point of access to public email accounts such as sales, support and marketing. It is a tool for organizing, distributing, and filtering incoming email messages and accurately and efficiently responding to them in a timely fashion.

Electronic messaging drives business. From transactional records to customer inquiries regarding your products and services, a company's lifeblood exists within its messaging infrastructure. Often companies chose your services/products over your competitor's offering based on how quickly and efficiently you respond to their queries. Synametrics Mail Junction helps you achieve this goal.

With Synametrics Mail Junction you can:

  • Consolidate Collect emails in a central repository and provide mechanisms to view, reply, and search existing messages.
  • Collaborate Efficiently collaborate with colleagues and clients.
  • Communicate Track a complete thread of communication.

Usage Scenario

Most organizations have grouped inboxes such as sales, info, and support. These accounts are typically handled by more than one individual, which creates a collaboration and communication problem among colleagues.

How do you know:

  • Who answered a particular message from a potential client?
  • Was the answer correct?
  • Is any follow up required?
  • How many emails did you get and how many of them remain unanswered?


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