Pricing structure for Synametrics Mail Junction

Pricing is based on number of users who will be using Mail Junction. Refer to the following table for details.

Per user cost of a single user is about $180.00. However, as the number of users grow this cost comes down significantly. There is no limit on number of emails processed or number of email accounts monitored by the program. Refer to the table below that lists discounts available as the number of users grow.


Number of users Software cost Calculated per user cost Support cost (Optional)
1 to 3 Users $549 (includes 1 year support) $180 (approx.) $299/year
4 to 7 Users $999 (includes 1 year support) $142 (approx.) $499/year
8 to 15 Users $1599 (includes 1 year support) $106 (approx.) $799/year
16 to 25 Users $2299 (includes 1 year support) $92 (approx.) $1299/year
26 to 50 Users $3999 (includes 1 year support) $80 (approx.) $2199/year
Over 50 Users Contact us

  • All prices are quoted in US dollars.
  • Support includes free software upgrades, email and telephone support.
  • Support for the first year is included in the software cost.

Definition of a "User"

A user in Mail Junction is an individual using the system. For example if you have 5 employees in your support department and 10 employees who handle sales, you will need a 15 user license.


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