Feature Matrix

JaySQL comes in two editions.

  • JaySQL Lite - FREE
  • JaySQL Professional - Available for 30-day trial

The Lite version of JaySQL is absolutely free. Although there is no charge, you MUST register this version. Upon registration we will send you a serial number that will unlock the application for unlimited usage.

Features Lite Pro
100% pure Java - Platform independent
Syntax highlighting for SQL script
Connect to multiple data sources
Database catalog Shows tables, views, stored procedures
Run selective queryHighlight part of the script and send just that to the server
Result in grid or text box
Support for database transactions
Customized editor
Data browsing
Local comment parsing
Submit batches Queries can be separated by a separator and therefore, multiple queries can be submitted at the same time.
Multi-threaded architecture
Database specific plugins
Database Diff
DB Architect - Complete product of DB Architect included
Result Printing - Print query results as report
List of available datatypes


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