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Synametrics Logging Framework

Synametrics Logging Framework is an extension to Apache Log4J framework. On one hand Log4J is a extremely reliable, fast and extensible logging library for Java, on the other hand it has a steep learning curve. The Synametrics Logging Framework adds following features on top of Log4j.

  • Ease of use by providing a wrapper
  • Adds performance logging
  • Adds a performance log viewer - A GUI based viewer to watch for performance record in production environment.


    Click here for API reference. For simplicity, there is only one class, LoggingFW, that is typically used by a client program.

    How much does it cost?

    There is not cost for this Logging Framework. It comes bundled with DB Architect and you can use it any program you like without paying us any royalties. You don't have to purchase DB Architect in order to use the framework. If you have downloaded DB Architect, look into the $DBARCHITECT_HOME/dist directory for the JAR file.

    Can I get the source code?

    Yes, when you purchase either DB Architect 2.0 or JaySQL you are entitled to get the source code for Synametrics Logging Framework. The source code does not come, by default, with either DB Architect or JaySQL Professional. Therefore, you if you are interested in the source code, please contact Synametrics Sales and we will be more than happy to send you the source.

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