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Besides being an editor, MEdit is also an FTP client. Therefore, can edit not only local files but also remote files. Remote files are treated just like local files. When the user tries to open a file, MEdit downloads it on to the local machine and when the file is saved, it automatically uploads the file back to where it belongs.


  • Local and remote file editing
  • Syntax highlighting for C/C++, unix shell scripts, Java, HTML, CORBA IDL and many more.
  • Command line support (more info)
  • Code collapsing (more info)
  • No installation, unzip the file and start using it.


  • Comctl32.dll version 4.72.31 or above. You do not need the latest version, however, if you are using an older version, some toolbar images will not be displayed properly. The latest version of this file can be downloaded from Microsoft.
  • Windows 95/98/NT4/Win2k/XP
  • 4 MB Ram, 1.5 MB hard disk

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