John A. Hufnagel
Feb 24, 2023 9:37:53 AM

folder renaming results in folder deletion...


Inside a Shared Project folder...

We just had an incident where, a client renamed a folder (Bob -> Steve), then the next day renamed it back (Steve -> Bob).

However upon the second rename (back to Bob) the folder disappeared from the client and server.  I can see on the server two _synDeletedDir files...



Also there's no version option in the client side WebGUI to be able to restore the folder.  I'm attempting to snatch the lost folder back from a backup.


Is there something I've potentially mis-configured on the client or server that would cause this?


Thanks in advance for your help.

Synametrics support engineer
Mar 2, 2023 12:26:58 PM

folder renaming results in folder deletion...


Could you please contact us via email regarding this problem? We may need the log files from both Syncrify Client and Server. Please refer to for detail. Send an email to


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