Robert Lee
Jul 25, 2021 9:57:45 AM

SyncriBox quite buggy so much so I find it unusable


I just purchased the license to actually make use of the SycnriBox feature. However, I find it extremelybuggy at least I am using it on Windows (not sure about the linux version):-

1) I noticed, for example if you delete a file or folder (especially folder), the next time you create the same deleted folder, it would get deleted as there is a deleted file on the server which seems to trigger a delete when it sees a folder on another PC. 

2) When I tried to copy a sizable folder into the sync folder, it just doesn't seem to sync it at all. 

3) Also, after a bit of adding and deleting the file (multiple times). Sometimes the syncribox will just stop syncing the changes. 

4) When you add a new folder to sync, each time you restart the syncribox, only the default folder is available. So virtually unable to add any other folder to sync. You can add as many folder in, but it will always revert back to the default Syncribox folder.

Tried it a many times, until I gave up on it. Also, I find it a little limited in that there is no option to just run the sync to let it update the sync as and when you need to get the data resync.

I tested it with two pc configured with syncribox (windows 10) to sync to a syncrify server (windows 2019 server).


I still find your normal Syncrify Server and client works a lot better. 


Warmest Regards
Robert Lee

Synametrics support engineer
Jul 26, 2021 9:30:17 AM

SyncriBox quite buggy so much so I find it unusable


I am sorry to hear you're running into these issues. Is it possible for you to contact us via email and send us the log files from the machine. If possible, we can also do a remote screen share session to see what could be causing these problems.

One important piece of information to keep in mind when testing SyncriBox is the last modification date (LMD) of the files. LMD determines the direction in SyncrBox. Consider the following example:

  • You have two clients: ClientA and ClientB that connect to a Server1
  • File1 exists on all three machines and the LMD is Jan 01, 2021
  • Assume File1 is deleted on ClientA on July 01, 2021.
  • Therefore, Syncrify will delete this file from every node if LMD is before July 01, 2021.



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