Jul 13, 2021 6:15:11 PM

allerting when jobs are not run because clients can not connect to server



recently i have situation, that internt operator (isp) mess something on their equipment, and 2 of my clients cant connect to my server anymore

luckily, i receive emails about jobs run , and i noticed that a list of emails are shorter (have just 10 licences) and i start to investigate what is going on

im aware that clients are generating reports/erros ad sending it from server , im fine with that, or at least i was ok until recently


there should be more allerting options in case clients can not talk with servers for executing jobs, i see two possible solutions 

1) client is aware that can not talk with server for executing job , and somehow they should send alert that server is inaccesible 

most of my sync clients are running on fileservers, and there is no local user who is watching screen to say something is going on, and few are installed on desktop machines in one user offices

sync client should be able to send email alert in case of some server inaccesibility via local default email client if available, or via ability to execute script prepared by admin in case of trouble , good option will be to send alert after 2nd job execution is missed because sometimes there are reasons like computer repair, power failure, or general internet failure at remote site , and notifying admin in charge for every missed job maybe is not good, peronally i can live if 1 job per week isnt executed, but if that is more than once per week i should be aware of possible problems

executing job 'when available' is not good option, because of bandwith usage , and what if job isnt executed because firewall is blocking app to access internet, admin never know something is wrong


2) alerting from server side if some jobs are missed, again good option will be to send after 2nd miss for same client , taht wayis probably more complicated to implement, because if client and server stop talking betweeneach other, server will not know when client should run his job


im aware that im expirienced rare problem, but there is always posibility that some admin mess something on firewall, or firewall got reseted with some update , or change policy , and on server side alerting should be done by last known client schedule , its will be better to get some false alarms, than not get any alarms


for now you make great job with sincrify, and i know you will find out that my observations have 'some' sense, and you will make something for better alerting


best regards







Synametrics support engineer
Jul 14, 2021 9:27:40 AM

allerting when jobs are not run because clients can not connect to server


Sorry to hear you're running into these problems and thank you for sending us your suggestions.

A slight variation of the two suggestions you made is already in Syncrify:

1 - Notifications from Client

The clients cannot talk to any SMTP server directly. Once a backup job is over, they prepare the report and send that to Syncrify Server, which then contacts an SMTP server. One exception to this rule is the WebSMTP feature introduced in v4.5. Please refer to for details. In this case, if your client is not able to connect to your Syncrify Server, it will try rerouting the message through Synametrics' website.

2 - Missed Backup Reports

Syncrify server should generate a "Missed Backup Report" around midnight every day. These two machines should be in that report. Do you get these reports?



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