Mar 29, 2021 5:31:42 PM

Support / Features for Syncrify on QNAP NAS

I'm looking at Syncrify as a replacement for DeltaCopy.  I would like some answers on three points:

  1. Is Syncrify Server for QNAP going to be supported in the foreseeable future?   I don't want to start rolling out this solution to clients only to have the carpet pulled out from beneath me.  
  2. The NAS solution seems to use a Java version of Syncrify.  QNAP warns against enabling Java on the NAS - makes it seem like it will open up the NAS to a number of exploits.   If Syncrify is the only Java app being used on the NAS - are there any recommendations for securing its use?
  3. Can Syncrify be used to syncronize multiple Windows Server environments to the NAS in place of DeltaCopy?  (see my use description below)

My use Description:

I'm currently using DeltaCopy with QNAP's Hybrid Backup & Sync 3 (HBS3) to syncronize a Windows Server's file system to the NAS.   From there, I am using HBS3 to synchronize to BackBlaze B2.   This has proven to be an extremely cost effective solution.  These are the benefits I have seen:

  1. QNAP provides snapshotting for the File Server - which I find much more dependable than Windows' built in mechanisms.  
  2. Should the file server go down, I can simply remap user drives to the NAS until the file server comes back up.
  3. Files are encyrpted locally on the NAS BEFORE going to BackBlaze B2 and the encryption key is stored locally.
  4. QNAP retains the file structure / file names within the B2 Bucket but just encrypts them.  So even if the automated restore fails, I can use QEnc to manually decrypt each file.
  5. For 1TB of storage, it costs less than $25 per year for offsite backup.

Two reasons I'm looking at Syncrify:

  1. DeltaCopy is seriously aged and buggy (at least the interface is)
  2. DeltaCopy requires implementing SSL in order to meet the data encrypted in transit requirements of security audits
  3. DeltaCopy does not come with vendor support

About Me:

I provide IT support exclusively to small businesses, most of which have 5 or fewer staff and only a single on-premise server.  Most of my clients are in remote locations where internet connectivity is seriously lacking (so cloud is not an option).  For clients that require business continuity - I've been using Veeam - which is quite expensive for a small business.  Many of my clients on Veeam tell me it is their single largest monthly expense.  

Synametrics support engineer
Mar 30, 2021 10:21:40 AM

Support / Features for Syncrify on QNAP NAS

Answer 1: Syncrify is definitely supported on QNAP. Please refer to https://web.synametrics.com/syncrifyqnap.htm for details. 

Answer 2: May I know where did you read QNAP saying Java is not secure? Java Applet was a feature in Java that was notoriously insecure. As a result, none of the modern browsers support Applets. These were similar to ActiveX controls from Microsoft that also faced the same fate.

Server-side java on the other hand is very secure and that is what is used in Syncrify.

Answer 3: Yes. Check Scenario# 2 on https://web.synametrics.com/SyncrifyUsageScenarios.htm for details.

Questions regarding your use case

Encryption - I see you're doing encryption in two steps. First using QEnc and then transferring the encrypted file to the cloud. Syncrify does this in one step. You will not have to use QEnc. Files will still be encrypted on the source (your Windows file server) and will rest on QNAP in encrypted form. Of course, your cloud snapshot will also be encrypted as a result.

Unfortunately, Syncrify does not support BackBlaze yet. We do support Wasabi, which is also another cost-effective storage. In addition to the public cloud, Syncrify has built-in mechanisms to create backups of your backup to another physical location. Check the following links for detail.

Features you did not ask for but are useful

Let us know if you have further questions.




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