David Lam
Mar 16, 2021 11:10:53 AM

Features that beat DBeaver

On the surface there seems to be a lot of overlap between WinSQL and DBeaver.

What are some features that make WinSQL stand out?

Synametrics support engineer
Mar 16, 2021 11:28:56 AM

Features that beat DBeaver


Many features in WinSQL overlap with DBeaver. However, here are a few differences:

  • JDBC vs ODBC. DBeaver is written in Java and therefore, uses JDBC for connectivity. WinSQL is written for MS .NET platform. Java is great for a back-end process but is often slower than .NET when running as a desktop application.

  • Ability to create native EXE files based on queries. This feature is often used to create a stand-alone program used by non-technical employees to quickly run queries. Check https://web.synametrics.com/WinSQLExportToExecutable.htm for details.

  • Ability to create code in languages like Java, C#, and PHP with WinSQL. Check https://web.synametrics.com/generating-code.htm for details.

  • ODBC drivers for many popular databases are included with the Standard/Professional edition for free.

  • Integration with MS Excel, with the ability to drag and drop an Excel spreadsheet into WinSQL. This feature uses OLE Automation on Windows operating system.

Check http://web.synametrics.com/WinSQLCost.htm for a complete list of features in WinSQL.


Mar 16, 2021 11:54:44 AM

Features that beat DBeaver

Thanks for that.  That is helpful.


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