kevin Winters
Jan 30, 2021 3:45:15 PM

Really confused about license

So I have a paid syncrify client on my fileserver and was backing up to syncrify server with versioning to a local machine with syscfify server.  Now it says my trial version is over?

What "trial" is it referring to?  I have a paid client version on my fileserver and was told that the syncrify server part is free?

Now I don't mind paying for this product but what do I even purchase or pay for?  I have a paid for licensed client on my fileserver, can you tell me what else I need to pay for ?




Synametrics support engineer
Feb 9, 2021 9:58:14 AM

Really confused about license


Could you please contact our sales department via email regarding this. You should not be getting an error if you have paid for the license. It will be easier to troubleshoot this problem on a one-to-one basis either via email or phone.


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