Cecil Lasich
Jun 29, 2020 5:37:37 PM

Unable to send emails or generate public links through email



We are running enterprise version: 4.6 - build 1548.  We were informed by a user that over the last 2 weeks they are unable to generate any public links without getting a failed notification.

Here is the error:  System was unable to send an email to the smtp server.

When performing test emails from the Synaman settings, it states it is getting a 5.7.1, unable to send email as that sender.

When checking our exchange smtp receive connector logs, we note that Synaman is still trying to send as our administrator account, even though the box is not checked.  If we change our administrator account in Synaman, and do a test send, it sends as what ever account it is changed to, even though we do not have the box checked to "Use admin as sender".

The config xml files shows a value of "false" for use admin as sender.  However the varibles getting fed to the SMTP connection always seem to use the value entered for the "administrator's email" as the sending account.

Please advise on the status of a repair for this issue.





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