John Hall
Dec 14, 2019 4:41:36 PM

pre sales question

We operate 4 pharmacy locations.  I would like to backup data from each locations server to my home network.  I have a QNAP device as well as a always on computer on my home network.  What do I need and how many licenses?  Additionally, any walk thru of the install and configuration to make this happen would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you


Synametrics support engineer
Dec 16, 2019 9:06:46 AM

pre sales question

Syncrify can certainly help you in this scenario. You will have to install Syncrify Server on a machine inside your network, which will act as a central repository. You pick the OS for this machine: Windows or QNAP. If you decide to go with QNAP, some experience with Linux is recommended.

You would install Syncrify Client on the machines in four pharmacies. Assuming each pharmacy has two computers, you will need 8 licenses. A pack of 10 licenses will cost you $441. Check for details.

Please call our support department for help. We can give you a demo of how it works as well as help you set it up.


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