Jon Ruehle
Nov 4, 2019 3:37:21 PM

Anti-Virus reporting installer as malware

Syncrify installer is being reported as malware by two separate Anti-Virus platforms. The installer is killed once it is detected.

Nov 4, 2019 3:46:59 PM

Anti-Virus reporting installer as malware

Synametrics sSupport is saying it's a false-positive.

Synametrics support engineer
Nov 4, 2019 3:55:40 PM

Anti-Virus reporting installer as malware


This is definitely a false positive. We have already submitted a request through TotalVirus's contact page regarding this.

All of our downloads are digitally signed by Synametrics Technologies. As long as the downloaded file's signature is intact, you can rest assured there is no virus in them.

AntiVirus software often depend upon each other. If a file is incorrectly identified as harmful, it is very likely the signature will get propagated to other vendors as well. I hope our request to remove Syncrify from TotalVirus fixes this problem.


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