Potential Customer
Jun 10, 2019 5:43:04 PM

SynaMan multiple large file download

When downloading multiple files, the docs say that SynaMan automatically zips the files and transfers the zipped file.  We would like to be able to transfer several thousand large image files at a time, and would like to resume if the transfer is interrupted, so zipping them all up may not be the best solution.

Can multiple files be selected and still be transferred individually?

Can interrupted transfers of large files be resumed when the connection is re-established?

Synametrics support engineer
Jun 13, 2019 10:58:01 AM

SynaMan multiple large file download

Unfortunately, this is not possible. SynaMan is restricted to what you can do in a browser. For example:

  • A single click in a browser can only fetch one resource - a file, an image or an HTML page. Browsers never fetch multiple resources. That is the reason why SynaMan creates a zipped file before serving it to the browser.
  • Again, a browser cannot fetch partial resources. Although some browsers have a pause/resume feature, none of them can resume a broken download and save the remaining data to a file that was downloaded in the past.

What is your end goal? Are these users random folks on the Internet or you periodically transfer a large number of files to same individuals? If this is periodic transfers to same users, check Syncrify, which is another product we publish. Refer to Scenario# 3 on https://web.synametrics.com/SyncrifyUsageScenarios.htm for details.

Potential Customer
Jun 13, 2019 11:23:24 AM

SynaMan multiple large file download

We are a data provider.  We receive large numbers of (binary) files from suppliers, and we produce large numbers of (binary) files that we transfer to our customers.  Because the files are binary, there is little size benefit to zipping them into an archive.  It would make transfer easier, but at the cost of more time and storage space to do the zipping/unzipping.

Currently we create a separate FTP account for each supplier and each customer, to keep proprietary data separated and secure.  I'm looking for something that will provide a more convenient account management interface, and some data transfer logging and data management (e.g., notifications when files are uploaded or downloaded, notification or automatic deletion after some number of downloads or a certain time period, etc.).  SynaMan seems to have some of the features we desire.  Syncrify seems to have some of the features also.  At first look, it also doesn't look like it does all that we need, but I will study it more.


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