Vítězslav Žurek
Nov 2, 2018 3:43:18 AM

ransomware protection images count increasing


I was thinking yes, this test image in a folder with photos or images is a great idea, BUT! Somebody explain to me why is there more and more of these?! I already have around 10 such black JPGs on my desktop since you introduced this functionality. This will become really messy soon!

Synametrics support engineer
Nov 28, 2018 8:03:59 AM

ransomware protection images count increasing

This user contacted us via email and we were able to reproduce this problem when performing a remote screen share. Read below for details if you're running into a similar issue.

  • By default, Syncrify service runs under the Local System Account (LSA) on Windows.
  • When Syncrify was installed, it used the LSA account to create files in the C:\Syncrify\config folder
  • Later, the user switched from LSA to a different account and also restricted permission on the C:\Syncrify folder
  • As a result, the following instance of Syncrify was not able to write to any file in C:\Syncrify\config folder, since the OS would not allow it.
  • This caused the RWP file to get recreated everytime Syncrify was restarted


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