Stuart Rickards
Oct 11, 2018 5:40:29 AM

Better reporting for backup status

It would be useful if the backup reports could show the backup status in a more useful way.

Currently it shows red if the is an error or green if no error, However we have found recently that if the backup fails to complete due to a time limit that the status is reported as green when perhaps it should show amber for an incomplete backup.

One example would be we have a client setup with 250 Gb of space, they are currently using 210 Gb of that space. The report shows green dots for sucessful backups, but the amount backed up on each run is 0k. This is because someone had added a large file to the backed up folders (100Gb+ vhd file) because the file would not fit and because its a single file, it was never backing up. 

A green dot should only be shown if the backup successfully reachs the end of the backup, not when a backup is halted due to a limitation. An incomplete backup, either due to running out of time due to a time limitation or running out of disk space should be shown as an incomplete backup (perhaps an amber dot) or as an error (red dot) not a sucessful backup (green dot)


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