May 2, 2018 3:30:18 PM

Syncrify Remote Clients

This started after some users updated or reinstalled their syncrify client to the latest version.

We have Syncrify server version 4.1-build 929 and everything was working fine.

You could click the "Remote Clients" link and see all the clients connected to Syncrify, with the option to force a backup.

After these users recently updated their version of "Syncrify Client", they are no longer visible in the "Remote Clients" section.

Any user still using the older client works as expected and is seen in the "Remote Clients" list.

Synametrics support engineer
May 3, 2018 3:31:22 PM

Syncrify Remote Clients

Check the following:

  • Using Windows File Manager go to C:\Syncrify\customClients folder
  • You should see a file called SyncrifyClient.jar . This is the only file required to run Syncrify Client. Confirm the size of this file is around 3.5MB. This is the file that gets pushed to the clients running an older version of Syncrify Client. If you have Java installed on the machine, you can actually double-click this file to bring up Syncrify Client, confirming the file is not corrupted. 

    Contact our support department via email if you think this file is corrupted. We will send you a file for build 929.

May 3, 2018 3:49:15 PM

Syncrify Remote Clients

I am assuming you want me to look on the server side because this does not exisit on the clients side.

The file SyncrifyClient.jar is on the server side in the folder C:\Syncrify\customClient and it is 3.78MB / 3,890,620 bytes


If this file gets pushed to the client, at what point does this happen?

Lke I said, the client connects and performs a backup/sync as expected.. it client just doesn't show up on the server side when you want to control it remotely. Older versions of the Client show up fine, just not the newer ones.

Synametrics support engineer
May 3, 2018 4:10:08 PM

Syncrify Remote Clients

Sorry, I should have mentioned that. Yes, I meant to look for this file on the server-side.

There are 3 components on the client's end:

  • A background service, called Backup Monitor Service. You should be able to see that through Control Panel/Services on Windows
  • The Syncrify Client GUI, which also runs the actual backups
  • A small app running in the Taskbar that shows different colors representing the state of a background backup - this is not very important, and I won't mention it below.

Background Service

This has the following responsibilities.

  • Pings the server once every 60 seconds. This is how the server shows the list of clients in "Remote Clients" page.
  • Compares its own version with the version of the server and downloads SyncrifyClient.jar from the customClients folder if the client is running an older build.
  • Kicks off a backup job when it is supposed to run.

Client GUI

  • Uses for configuring profiles
  • Runs the actual backup that can be kicked off manually or by the service.

If you don't see the clients in Remote Clients screen, check BKServ.log file on the client's end to see if they are logging any errors. The actual file should be in C:\ProgramData\SyncrifyData\logs\ folder.



May 3, 2018 5:40:15 PM

Syncrify Remote Clients

BKServ.log doesn't say anything about errors. It has backup times and lines that say "Open for business".


I was able to restore a backup on one of my client computers that put the Syncrify Client back to version 4.1 build 929

Instantly the client shows up in the Remote Clients page.

If I log in to the web interface and click the "Download Client" button it takes me to a link that downloads and installs 4.4 build 963

The client no longer shows up in the Remote Client interface.  This tells me there is a problem with the latest version of Syncrify Client.


The problem is you do not offer the older versions on your website so I am unable to roll back a number of my clients to get things working again.

Synametrics support engineer
May 3, 2018 6:00:16 PM

Syncrify Remote Clients

Could you please contact us via email/phone. It's hard to troubleshoot this over this forums.

We are not aware of any problems/bugs with 963 related to to problem you're running into. It could be an isolated issue and therefore, we might have to do a remote screenshare to see what is causing this. 



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