Zachary Sloane
Jan 30, 2018 8:50:52 PM

Licensing question

I travel a lot for work and I use a multitude of laptops.  I stumbled across Syncrify as a way to backup all my devices remotely to my Home server.  I see the personal version allows one user and 5 profiles.  If I purchased a "Single" license could I use that same single user and backup, say, 6+ machines?  I'd like to be able to backup my wife's machines also.  It comes out to like 6-7 machines depending on which I decide to use.  I "think" that means I just need a single license as opposed to needing to purchase 6-7 licenses?  I'd be using the same user but just have multiple profiles.  Help?

Synametrics support engineer
Jan 31, 2018 6:39:09 AM

Licensing question


No. Once you purchase even a single license that will upgrade your system to Professional and you will lose the 5 free profiles. Professional version includes features that are not available in the Personal, for example, versioning and two-way sync.


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