Tony Hogan
Jan 19, 2018 4:30:08 AM

Syncrify 4.3 build 498 bugs

In the Tools / Encrypt-Decrypt files dialog

Select Conversion type: Decrypt

Problem 1: Password -> when you enter a password and then click show password it does NOT show the password entered

Problem 2: Files/folders to backup dialog -> does not support folders - if you select the icon to choose a folder it -only- supports files. You have to manually enter a path to a folder - you can't choose one using the chooser.


One other items of concern - what controls the usage of temp space during the decrypt? I don't have hard info on this but I had to migrate to a larger hard drive as it seemed the process (in my case I'm decrypting an entire repository -> approx 250GB) required an additional 250GB of temp space. Does the decryption not decrypt files (or groups) in temp space, copy them back and release the temp space?

Synametrics support engineer
Jan 19, 2018 8:21:44 AM

Syncrify 4.3 build 498 bugs


Thank you for letting us know about the bugs. We will try fixing them in the next update.

Syncrify uses the TEMP folder for several things, including encrypting/decrypting files. You can go to Tools/Options to specify a different location for the TEMP. If you're trying to encrypt/decrypt a 250GB file, you will need at least that much room in TEMP.


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