Brad Grorud
Jul 18, 2017 9:37:25 PM

New "Redesigned" Client issues

I am having issues with the re-designed client.

1. Locks up after entering URL.  Upon first launch, after I type int he "Remote Server URL" the client will lock up for a noticable amount of time (perhaps a minute or longer).  This is before putting in an email, before putting in a password, before clicking the "test connection" button.  This issue did not exist in the "classic" client.

2. New client will not open on 32bit Server 2003.  This occurred the one (and only) time I tried to install the new client on Server 2003.  I have not yet had a chance to try installing on other systems running this older OS.  After installation, the client GUI will nto open, it will lauch, and I see "BackupClient.exe" and "javaw.exe" in task manager, but nothing is ever displayed.  I uninstalled this new client, found and downloaded the old (luckily I had it) and installed.  After installation, interrestingly enough, the "new" GUI is still displayed, but at least the program opened.  The version displayed at the top is 4.2 build 942.


Synametrics support engineer
Jul 20, 2017 11:15:44 AM


Dear Brad,

Problem 1: Is this reproducable every time? If yes, we'd like to do a remote screen share to see what is causing this. This problem is not happening on our end and so far no other user has reported it either. A remote screen share session will help us identify the problem. Please contact our support department via email to schedule a time.

Problem 2: The new GUI required JRE 1.8 to run, which is not supported on Windows XP and 2003. Therefore, you will only be able to use the "classic" GUI on these operating system.


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