Bill Mercer
Feb 17, 2017 12:01:30 PM

Strange cursor behavior when remote comments are used

When I use the cursor keys to scroll through the list of columns on the left side, sometimes the down arrow key will move down to the next field, but other times, it actually jumps over to the right side and stops scrolling.

I believe the reason for this is that the Remote Comment box steals focus when it is populated.

IF there is a Remote Comment set on the field, then when the cursor reaches theat field, the comment steals focus, and

To reproduce:

Go to a table which has a long list of columns.

Add a remote comment to one of the columns in the middle

Click the column name under Fields on the left hand side

Start scrolling down with the cursor key

When the cursor reaches the field with a remote comment, the comment box steals focus, and scrolling stops. This does NOT happen with local comments, only for remote comments. .



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