Oct 21, 2016 3:48:16 AM

Can't connect from client to server

Hi guys, I come to you because i have some issues with Sincrify.

My Sincrify server have a public Ip with a domain name. And our clients talk with it by the url.


All the backups already set up work well but I want to set new client and i have an error message.

Impossible to communicate with.. blabla .... Connection timed out : connect


Do you know what the problem is ? 

Thanks !


PS: English isn't mys native language

Oct 21, 2016 11:12:52 AM

Can't connect from client to server

Hi Theo. Not sure what port you use for Syncrify server but if you use port 80 or 443 it's possible something from av to firewall to proxy are stopping client. That is why Syncrify server allows option for other non standard & non priveleged ports so you can set one (don't forget NAT port forwarding etc) to test. It's under Configuration-> Http Configuration on server admin. There is Primary http (non ssl), secondary http (non ssl) and secure http (ssl/https)  So in other words you can have syncify listen on up to 3 ports if you need to leave the existing clients on the ports they are now although sadly only 1 https port so it would not be ideal to change that if you have existing clients using it as you'd need to reconfigure them all if you did.

BTW from new the client can you view the Syncrify server admin page in browser? (don't forget http:// and :port# in browser & in client config )

Hope that helps.

glen greenwood
Aug 22, 2022 6:40:21 AM

Can't connect from client to server

The new client does not connect to our server, we have tried rebuilding the client and other solutions with no joy, can we revert back to the old client?


we have been using syncrify for many years now and now it seems to be flawed, please can we revert? before we need to look at another solution for our clients which would be a shame.




Glen Greenwood

Synametrics support engineer
Aug 22, 2022 9:34:49 AM

Can't connect from client to server


Could you please contact our support department via email and send us the log files from the client's machine? Please refer to for details on how to obtain log files.

Also, are you using HTTP or HTTPS when connecting to the server? I ask because the latest version uses newer TLS protocols, and I wonder if that is why you're running into this problem. What is the version of JRE on your Syncrify Client? Click Help/SysInfo and search for java.runtime.version


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