Sep 21, 2016 2:59:29 PM

Syncribox sync frequency

Hi I am new to syncribox and was wondering what is the interval that it syncs the folder we specified in the configuration and if there are ways to change the default.  At first i thought it wasn't working because I changed one of the file but did not sync automatically.  I had to quit and restart syncribox in order for the file to show up as changed on the server.  Thanks!

Sep 21, 2016 3:21:29 PM

Syncribox sync frequency

waited over 30 minutes and it didn't sync, I had to restart the program again for it to work

Synametrics support engineer
Sep 21, 2016 3:46:15 PM

Syncribox sync frequency


It should have done it automatically. Are you able to reproduce this problem? 

Sep 21, 2016 3:52:47 PM

Syncribox sync frequency

Yes i tried to add a folder to one of the folder it is supposedly watching but not updating.  We do have a syncrify server with an ISP Professional license which is working great with about 40 license currently used.  What I will do is I will try on another PC to see if I can reproduce the same behavior or if it is working properly.  In the meantime if you have anything you can suggest let me know.  Thanks!

Synametrics support engineer
Sep 22, 2016 5:39:40 AM

Syncribox sync frequency


SyncriBox should update the files as they change. It is also designed to run a full backup:

  1. Once every 24 hours
  2. When SyncriBox starts
  3. When machines wakes up from sleep/hibernate mode

Check SyncriBox.log file on the client's machine for errors.

Sep 22, 2016 11:01:05 AM

Syncribox sync frequency

Hi and thanks for pointing me to the log as I found out what was the issue.  I tried it on another PC and it was working fine so i went back to the PC I had problems with, looked at the log and here is what I was getting:

2016-09-22 10:20:01,280 {INFO  main} [com.synametrics.syncrify.client.W] $L - -------------- NEW SESSION - Build #: 915 -----------
2016-09-22 10:20:01,280 {INFO  main} [ClientBranding] $L - Class name: S.g
2016-09-22 10:20:01,295 {INFO  main} [S.g] $L - Inflating default values from resources.
2016-09-22 10:20:01,826 {INFO  Thread-4} [t.b] $L - Status server is now ready to accept connections...
2016-09-22 10:20:03,517 {ERROR JavaFX Application Thread} [com.synametrics.syncrify.client.syncribox.g] $L - Unable to add C:\Users\Utilisateur\Documents to watch list. C:\Users\Utilisateur\Documents\Ma musique
2016-09-22 10:20:13,527 {INFO  clientWatcher} [com.synametrics.syncrify.client.syncribox.g] $L - Running a full daily backup.
2016-09-22 10:20:14,016 {INFO  clientWatcher} [com.synametrics.syncrify.client.av] $L - Although job is configured to use local cache, it will be disabled. Two-way sync is enabled.
2016-09-22 10:20:14,017 {INFO  clientWatcher} [com.synametrics.syncrify.client.av] $L - Backup started for profile: sboxp_testexchange. Job number: 10191
2016-09-22 10:20:14,059 {INFO  Thread-14} [com.synametrics.syncrify.client.u] $L - C:\Users\Utilisateur\Documents\Ma musique is a symbolic link or Junction point. Skipping it.
2016-09-22 10:20:14,061 {INFO  Thread-14} [com.synametrics.syncrify.client.u] $L - C:\Users\Utilisateur\Documents\Mes images is a symbolic link or Junction point. Skipping it.
2016-09-22 10:20:14,062 {INFO  Thread-14} [com.synametrics.syncrify.client.u] $L - C:\Users\Utilisateur\Documents\Mes vidéos is a symbolic link or Junction point. Skipping it.
2016-09-22 10:20:19,872 {INFO  clientWatcher} [com.synametrics.syncrify.client.av] $L - Backup completed for profile: sboxp_testexchange. Job number: 10191. It was successful.
2016-09-22 10:20:19,916 {ERROR clientWatcher} [com.synametrics.syncrify.client.syncribox.g] $L - Unable to pause dirWatcher and run backup. Error: C:\Users\Utilisateur\Documents\Ma musique

I believe the problem is with the folder "Ma musique" which is just a symbolic link just available in the french version of windows and now that I think of it Syncrify has the same issue because we need to make sure when we are settings the backup that we remove this folder as it will be causing errors.  Not sure if it is an easy fix for you but would be nice if you could fix it in future release.  On other thing I notice is the French dialog when wanting to send a link to a file with syncribox has a lot of errors

First line "Recipient's Name" should be translated to "Nom du destinataire"

Second Line "Email" should be translated to "Courriel"

Third Line "Password (optional)" should be translated to "Mot de passe (optionnel)" and "Expiration days" should be translated to "Jours avant expiration"

Drop down box (Send Receive) should be translated to (Envoyé Recevoir)

Where the checkmark is should be translated to "Envoi par courriel"

Line where it says "Nom de fichier/dossier" should be "Nom du fichier/dossier"

Finally the last line "Drag/drop from Windows Explorer" should be translated to "Glisser/déplacer depuis l'explorateur Windows"

Thanks again for you help.

Bisser Milanov
Jan 10, 2023 8:13:26 AM

Syncribox sync frequency

No one answered what is the frequency. When something is changed how soon can we expect it on the other side?

Synametrics support engineer
Jan 25, 2023 2:46:56 PM

Syncribox sync frequency

When using SyncriBox, a backup is triggered as soon as a file change is detected. However, it may take a couple of minutes actually to see the file on the destination server.


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