Greg Keegan
Jun 20, 2016 10:22:48 PM

Sync folder to 250 clients

We need to sync a folder structure to about 250 sites (110,000 files 85gb) already seeded.

Our current sync software can specify a start time but not a stop time, so when a few files need to be synced we have issues with the server crashing

as it keeps starting more sync jobs every few hours and previous jobs have not gets more than it can handle and reboots server.

Can Syncrify handle this many sites and starting and stopping sync jobs cleanly....the forced stop in the user guide did not sound like it was very clean ie server does not know the client has stopped.

We would like to be able to see on a report the % sync for each client.

To change schedules would we need to change scheduler on each client or can this be done from portal.



Synametrics support engineer
Jun 21, 2016 6:27:37 AM

Sync folder to 250 clients


There is no reason why Syncrify will not work with 250 clients. In fact, I know of one customer who is doing similar task with 400 clients. How often are these files changing - in other words how big is the delta every day? Typically, the actual delta is usually just a fraction of the actual dataset, which is ~ 85GB in your case.

You can optionally use Server Side Cacheing ( in Syncrify to speed up the Synchronization process. If you decide to use SSC, make sure you push files using a Syncrify Client from a template machine. Check scenario # 3 on .

You can certainly stop a running job after some time. However, this could potentially mean that the tail end of the job may never complete. I would strongly recommend trying it out on your end. Since Syncrify will only transfer deltas (even within a file), it is quite possible that jobs complete a lot quicker and you may not have to terminate them.

Even if they are terminated, Syncrify will start where it left off in the last job.




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