Nov 15, 2015 3:44:55 PM

Syncrify: Versioning and Backup Strategies

I am evaluating purchasing Syncrify Pro licenses as an alternative to ShadowProtect.

I'm unclear on a few things, though. Can you configure Syncrify to retain only a certain number of backups before starting over with a complete/full backup? That's the model used by a number of backup packages, at least under Windows, but I'm not sure how it applies in an rsync type of environment.

I'm also intrigued by the versioning ability. Years ago I used a package (I think called rsnapshot) on a Linux machine which let me take rsync-based snapshots of the entire system every hour, migrating those to daily, weekly, and monthly snapshots as time passed. The depth of the backup was of course limited by hard disk capacity, but in practice you could go very far back since the vast majority of files don't change all that often (e.g., how often do you edit a photo you tweaked four years ago?).

How deep can versioning be? Can it be set on a per-directory basis?

- Mark


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