Jun 29, 2012 10:19:23 AM

SynaMan: Can you delegate admin tasks...

Looking at your SynaMan product and want to know if it is possible to give a user the ability to create new users without giving them full admin access. Basically, I would like the IT department to have full admin access, but also grant other users (say the ones in Customer Service) the ability to set up an account for a customer to use to transfer files, but not to manage the server itself. I would be looking at the Enterprise version of the software. The scenario is: A new client needs to be given the ability to transfer files to and from us. Customer service would have the ability to go to the web page to create a folder for this customer and to create the username/password that the customer should use to access their folder for uploading/downloading files. I think the home folder auto creation should take care of the first part, I just need to know if the second part is possible without giving full admin access to customer service.

Sep 4, 2013 5:17:45 AM

SynaMan: Can you delegate admin tasks...

I'm also interested in purchasing SynaMan Enteprise but it would hinge on the ability to delegate user creation but not full admin to a number of staff. Has any progress been made on the above?



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